For many years Vito Alfieri Fontana was what the world expected him to be: an experienced designer, a respected employer, a successful industrialist. The rightful successor of a father who had transformed a Italian electricals factory into an industry leader in the production of anti-personnel landmines: Tecnovar. But the journey which appears to Fontana to be a foregone conclusion undergoes an unexpected change. The duty of succession, never called into question until that moment, would be supplanted by the ethical necessity to curb the production of mines. It’s the beginning of a different story, the story of an irreconcilable scission between Mr. Fontana the engineer and designer, and Vito Alfieri, a soul in search of redemption. On his obscure journey the man, split in two, prisoner of a conflict between duty and conscience, spectrally crosses Bosnia, a country disfigured by the ordeal of anti-personnel landmines, entirely aware that his inner conflict will remain unresolved.